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E84: Andrea Kremer – Setting Firsts for Women in Sports Journalism


Andrea Kremer is one of the most accomplished and widely respected journalists in the industry today. In 2011, she was named one of the 10 greatest female sportscasters of all time. TV Guide said Kremer is “among TV’s best sports correspondents of either sex,” and her work is “distinguished by her eagerness to calmly ask tough questions and her refusal to pursue the same old story.” A two-time Emmy award winner, Kremer is currently Chief Correspondent for the NFL Network and appears on the new show NFL 360. Kremer is also a correspondent for HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.” Since 2007, she has contributed a host of critically acclaimed profiles and features to the Emmy-Award winning newsmagazine show.

She has covered more than 20 Super Bowls, the NBA Finals and All-Star Game, Major League Baseball’s All-star Game and League Championship Series, college football bowl games, Stanley Cup Playoffs and Finals, NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, U.S Olympic basketball trials, 2012 U.S. Olympic swimming trials, and the PGA Championship.

Kremer has established many firsts as a female in sports journalism. In 1984 she joined NFL Films as its first female producer, in 1989 she was the first female correspondent for ESPN, and in 2014 joined the team of “We Need To Talk”, the first ever all-female nationally televised weekly sports show on CBS Sports.

Andrea also teaches a course of her own design, “The Art of the Interview,” in the School of Journalism at Boston University’s College of Communication. In 2015, she was appointed the Andrew R. Lack Fellow at Boston University.

Follow Andrea on Twitter @Andrea_Kremer


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