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E116: Tim Larkin – When Violence Is The Answer


Tim Larkin, former military intelligence officer, was part of a beta group that redesigned how Special Operations personnel trained for close combat. He has a 25 year career where he has trained people in 52 countries in how to deal with imminent violence. Over 10,000 clients are trained in his Target Focus Training (TFT) from Military Special Operations Units, Special Law Enforcement Teams, Celebrities and high profile business leaders on how to use physics and physiology to injure any human(s) trying to attack them. TFT is the original Reality Based Fighting System.

His numerous magazine covers and articles in the Martial Arts and self-defense industry are as controversial as his “pro-victim advocate” position on self-protection. He is a highly sought after speaker as well as the media’s “go to guy” on Self Defense and Victim’s rights. Most recently he has been published as an author and his book “When Violence Is The Answer: Learning How To Do What It Takes When Your Life Is At Stake” will be hitting shelves in November this year.

Pre-order Tim’s book here:
learn about him here: and follow his training. It could save your life:
Follow him on social too…
Twitter: @tfttimlarkin
Facebook: @TFTTimLarkin
Instagram: @timlarkintft


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