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E98: Adam Carr & Raychad Vannatta – Warriors Saving Warriors


From the Save a Warrior website –

Save A Warrior believes in challenging conventional thinking. The way we challenge the idea of suicide is so novel and so inspiring, it connects the lives of all who are transformed from sharing in this experience. Since 2012, those who complete Save A Warrior exclaim how our “unique approach to ordinary”… saved their life. We are grateful for your generosity which made the difference; perhaps a lifesaving difference.

Save A Warrior is an original, Warrior-led, well-grounded and timeless journey for active duty military, returning veterans and first responders who feel desperately alone. Give us a week and you will change the way you see – and live – your life.

Please read the bios of Adam Carr and Raychad Vannatta along with the rest of their Warrior Team here:
They are on Twitter: @saveawarrior
Instagram: @save_a_warrior_saw and Facebook: @SaveAWarrior
If you or anyone you know can benefit from what they’re doing please reach out today at


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